Are you aware how often you seek external power to control events and people?  How often does it come out well?  We live in a goal oriented society where we are rewarded for achieving desired goals.  But the issue becomes what behaviors are you willing to use to achieve your goals.  If you read a history book you will see that the story of the human race is a non-stop fight for control, where often the end was used to justify the means.  Someone is always trying to manipulate and control someone else for their own purpose.  Their desired outcome is more important than the welfare of the individuals they are trying to control.  People can sense when they are being exploited and a power struggle ensues.  Usually the long term results are counterproductive.  The desire to control stems from a fear of powerlessness.  People fear that if they lose control of managing the future something terrible will happen to them.  The root cause is the need to feel secure.  The truth is that certainty is impossible.  Everything is energy in a constant state of flux.  Wisdom dictates that you exercise control over what is within your control – your mind and body.  Confront your fears and concede you must live in an uncertain reality.  The key is to find ways to achieve your goals while helping others achieve theirs.  Seek a means where you and others can support each other while both getting what you want.  Empowered people’s security comes from within so they use their influence and energy to cooperate and share.  They show reverence for all life.  They increase their awareness to gain more control over their body and mind.  They confront their fears to draw closer to their souls.  They withdraw their energy from any power struggles for inner peace and security.  They accept what is, live in the Now and work to accomplish their goals without being attached to a particular outcome.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick