Dealing With Self-Doubt

You no sooner listen to your heart and make a decision than a pessimistic, self-sabotaging voice inside your head questions your ability or motive raising fear and anxiety.  Welcome to the human being club!  We all live with it but we weren’t born with it.  The programming came largely from parents and peers.  To gain their love and acceptance you ended up repressing their voices, messages or both into your subconscious mind.  There is no quick fix.  Martha Beck recommends, “You pretend you don’t have it and push ahead.”  The problem is that the strength of the voice varies like the common cold.  Some have a mild version and easily overcome it but others end up in bed.  It takes awareness, confrontation and self-acceptance to overcome severe forms of self-doubt but change is possible.  Increased awareness it critical because you never want to attach your energy to the thoughts or emotions created by this voice.  Whenever you give your power to the voice of self-doubt it only reinforces its place in your memory and leads to a downward spiral.  Once you identify the voice enter a state of meditation with deep breathing and release the negative thought or emotion to your Divine.  You must be loving, supportive and compassionate to yourself.  This includes surrounding yourself with supportive and encouraging friends.  Cut your ties with “friends” who are judgmental or negative.  Seek a professionally trained therapist or mentor whenever you feel in a bind.  Gradually build your self-confidence by rewarding yourself as you accomplish each step of your goal.  It is helpful to keep a positive feedback journal to read on those overcast days.  It is also helpful to keep your progress in perspective.  Remember how far you have come and how many fears you have already overcome.  Renew your commitment to unconditionally love yourself just as you are at this point on your journey through soul school.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick