From Your Head to Your Heart


How conscious are you of your life as you live it?  How aware are you of each of your emotions moment by moment?  Do you live in your thoughts, reacting automatically to your changing environment?  Does each waking day consist of doing, doing and more doing?  Ram Dass said, “The journey of consciousness is about arriving at a balance in life where you are open to the mystery of it all.”  To be “open to the mystery of it all” you must be able to free yourself of mental concepts and beliefs.  Then you must turn inward to your heart, align with your soul and just be.  The Universe will not shout over the noise of your thoughts so your mind must be silent.  When you turn inward you free your consciousness from time and connect with the flow of Divine consciousness which is your source.  The key is to move your awareness inward to your True Self.  Your body and mind, which includes your religious beliefs, will die and decay.  You are spirit temporarily having a physical experience.  You cannot experience “the mystery of it all” if you identify yourself as your body or ego generated self-concept.  As long as you are in your thinking mind you are always one thought away from experiencing life in a state of being.  A state of being means you are just witnessing; you are pure awareness.  If you witness something and then try to know or understand it you simply revert back into thinking and are once again blocked by your thoughts.  In “The Heart of the Soul” Gary Zukav quotes a Sioux Indian saying, “Nephew, the longest journey that you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.”  Each of us is traveling this path.  Where on the journey are you?


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick