Handling Your Ego


Freud identified the ego as your self-image.  It is the part of your mind that negotiates your impulses and conduct.  It is the “I, me and mine” that says you are separate from others.  The ego is the product of evolution that worked to assure the survival of each animal when it had to compete for limited resources.  In the case of modern day human beings, the ego sees itself competing for food, shelter, jobs, money, power and status.  Your ego is always anxious, fearful and insecure because it views itself as small and powerless in the face of a threatening universe.  It is never satisfied and always promises peace and fulfillment with your next acquisition or accomplishment.  As long as you have a mind and body you will hear from your ego so the issue becomes one of identity and awareness.  First, choose to identity with your true nature.  Your True Self is connected to your Divine source and is your path to peace, happiness, fulfillment and love.  The closer you align with your True Self the greater eternal perspective you gain and the more your consciousness grows.  Second, simply witness the thoughts and feelings of your ego without responding to it, judging it or following it.  When you align with your True Self and simply witness your ego you de-energize it.  Deepak Chopra said, “We can go beyond the ego through self-awareness – awareness of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and speech.  Thus we begin to slowly move beyond the ego to the true self.”  Do not attempt to overcome the ego by condemning it.  It actually reinforces it when you label it sinful.  Do not repress parts of your ego for this only leads to projecting these parts onto others.  Spend time each day in meditation.  Embrace your True Self.  Practice gratitude and focus on the light and love that channels through your soul.  As your self-awareness increases you will be able to manage the work of your healthy ego with compassion and empathy for others.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick