In a State of Presence

Eckhart Tolle frequently speaks of being in a state of presence.  What does he mean?  In “The Power of Now” he dedicated an entire chapter introducing the concept of presence.  He compares it to being like a cat watching a mouse hole while you are free of thoughts.  You are fully aware of the now moment because you are free of mental noise.  You aren’t living in the past nor projecting thoughts into the future.  To enter a state of presence Eckhart suggests you focus your attention on some aspect inside your body.  Many recommend your breath; I like to focus on my heart beat.  The more often you practice this the longer you will go without thoughts.  With practice you can step out of the stream of thinking even during a conversation and stay grounded in your soul.  In time as you sharpen, sustain and deepen your state of presence you will feel the unified consciousness of all things.  Eckhart said, “When Being becomes conscious of itself – that’s presence.”  Everything is an expression of consciousness manifesting as form.  When you awaken from identifying yourself as form, your ego’s self-concept, and begin to use your awareness to watch your mind you are in a state of presence.  My friend, Dr. Ray Ernst, said it is a form of substitution: replacing EGO, edging God out, with EGI, edging God in.  Eckhart said, “…presence means your awakened divinity or God-essence.  …there is no mine or yours in presence.  Presence is one.”  In the Old Testament God identified Himself to Moses as Presence when He gave His name as “I am that I am.”  Deepak Chopra describes being in a state of presence as stepping into a field of awareness, an area of consciousness that is “subtly different from your waking state.”  Deepak said you develop presence by noticing when you are lost in your thoughts and bringing yourself back into a state of presence by refocusing your attention inward and off your thoughts.  The more often you practice doing this the easier the transcendence into peace and silence becomes when you need it.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick