Your Need For Periodic Reinvention


Everything you experience is there to guide you on the transformational journey on which your soul wants to go.  The growth you have experienced thus far is insufficient to get you to the next level.  If you listen you will feel your soul urge you to reinvent yourself once again to accommodate your quickly changing world.  Some experiences are unexpected and painful such as illnesses, accidents , deaths in your family and divorce.  But these challenges force you to discover resources within you never knew existed.  Growth or stagnation occurs depending on how you respond to the chaos of daily life.  To get to the next level you first must heal old emotional and mental wounds.  You must confront your fears, guilt, shame, regrets and weaknesses or become enslaved to them.  As you grow you discover deeply buried defense mechanisms, blind spots and insecurities that are holding you back.  You become empowered and healed as you align with your soul.  Your second step is to listen to your heart to learn what really matters to you and what will make your heart sing.  You set goals that align with your values and then break the needed action down into steps.  Seek out people who share your dreams and are ahead of you so they can assist you with their knowledge and wisdom.  Stop evaluating and judging yourself with standards that don’t fit who you are.  Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.  Your prime objective is to learn unconditional self-acceptance and self-love.  You will discover that peace and happiness is a product of your relationship with yourself.  When you choose to face the challenges of life with love, compassion, empathy and gratitude you open your heart, increase your awareness and expand your consciousness.  Your soul will guide your journey and others will see your tranformation.  Like a dance, life’s joy comes from your journey across the floor, not arriving at a designated spot by the time the music ends.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick