What Really Matters?

Yes, you need an education to gain marketable skills so you can provide food, shelter and the comforts of life for yourself.  But, do you love yourself for who you are, your being, or do you spend your life doing and buying to feel good inside?  Do you have any knowledge of who you are other than what your ego tells you?  The most important thing in life is to discover who you are, rather than dying with a bigger pile of toys than anyone else.  A fulfilled, happy life is possible when you first, turn inward in meditation and discover who you really are.  Once you open this channel listen to your heart and follow its guidance to share your creativity with the world.  Second, develop and maintain relationships with those who support you.   Let go of negative energy sources and the chains from the past.  Third, enjoy the freedom of expressing your creativity as you align yourself closer each day with your soul.  For me, at my age, the less I own the simpler my life becomes and the easier it is to feel the joy and freedom of being who I really am.  In the Fight Club Chuck Palahniuk said, “The more things you own, the more they own you.”  Is buying and maintaining more and more things creating a financial burden that is holding you back?  Have you become an obsessive consumer who believes that your happiness, status and security depends upon buying the next greatest thing?  Do you worry about internet security while advertisers have programmed your mind so they have access to your checking account and credit cards?  If you fail to learn who you are,  you will continue to listen to your ego and it will never be satisfied.  In an effort to fill that inner spiritual void it will keep you doing and buying until you die.  That is why greed has become an addiction for many people.  They attempt to define who they are by what they own or do but it never works.  As it said in the Fight Club, “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”  You are a spirit and finding the peace within your soul is not effected by buying designer underwear.  Remember that you assign the meaning to everything based upon how you feel and your beliefs – so examine them carefully!  Accept the present moment as it is and release resistance, control and attachment.  Love yourself because of who you are, your being, and not because of your doing or buying.  Loving others will then soon follow.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick