Why Am I Here?

You chose to attend soul school to grow spiritually.  In fact, you entered a contract with your soul mates and spirit guides for their assistance.  You knew it would be hard and painful but the changes were worth it.  Every experience you have is to direct your growth toward unconditional love while focusing on the areas you previously identified.  You cannot fail because the lessons keep repeating until you are successful.  When you turn inward and heed the voice of your soul your rate of learning increases.  Your emotional awareness increases (and this is the key!) as you become more closely aligned with your soul.  You begin to see the dynamics below the surface – why and how you feel the way you do.  You are a constant flow of energy.  Gary Zukav said, “There are two ways energy can leave your energy system: in fear and doubt or in love and trust.”  You awaken to the fact that life is all about whether you respond from love or fear!  It is not about your job and how much money you accumulate before you die.  Your growth is not measured by what happens outside you but what happens inside you.  These are the changes that you can take with you for eternity and what you came here to acquire.  Each moment of constant change offers you another choice.  Will you respond from love or fear?  Do you have enough awareness to even have control over how you respond?  “The circumstances of your life reflect the needs of your soul,” Gary Zukav said.  When you resist what your soul wants you to encounter you feel uncomfortable.  Continued avoidance leads to pain as the soft urging of your soul voice is replaced with changing events to force you to confront what needs to be healed.  Life in soul school offers you the ability to experience the results of the choices you make.  You learn from karma, by reaping what you sow.  Earth’s soul school is quality education for eternity.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick