Your Authentic Power

Do you have authentic power?  Many think if they would only have unlimited money or political power that they would have authentic power.  The office of President of the United States is often referred to as the most powerful position in the world because of our nuclear arsenal.  But unlimited money and political power still only give you a degree of control over external events.  Neither changes the person you see in the mirror, your degree of awareness or your level of consciousness.  You are on Earth to attend soul school which means to grow spiritually.  This is growth you can take with you when you transition.  Gary Zukav defines authentic power as being in alignment with your soul.  You gain this power as you learn to read your emotions noting both their feeling and location.  The problem is that often the emotions are painful (fear based) and you want to escape from them.  But when you repress them or cover them with an addictive substance or action you fail to heed their message.  Painful emotions are a message from your soul that something needs healed.  When you give your full attention to your emotions it aligns you with your soul and gives you authentic power.  Emotional awareness is good preventive medicine.  It gives you the opportunity to change your lifestyle before you develop an ulcer or heart attack.  Your emotions tell you how your body is processing energy.  Energy is either released as fear based or love based.  Whenever it is fear based your ego reaction is to attempt to change others or your environment rather than look inside.  But it is how you react to external triggers that determine your emotions and not the external triggers themselves.  When you consistently choose to follow your emotions you grow in authentic power and draw closer to alignment with your soul.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick