About Me

I am a retired 69 year old man who still teaches 2 online college U.S. History classes each semester. I live with my soulmate Howie, a Welsh Cardigan Corgi, who meditates with me every day. While I have advanced degrees, my value to you as a coach comes from living a hard life and overcoming obstacles, not from reading books.

I was neglected and not loved by a mentally ill mother, the daughter of an alcoholic. My father was a janitor with an eighth grade education. I left home feeling sure they were relieved. With scholarships plus working forty hours a week I put myself through college. My self-esteem was 0 on a 10 point scale. I learned socialization skills through trial and error, experiencing prejudice, victimization and judgment by others. I repressed a lot of emotions and developed a thick outer skin expecting to be rejected. I felt a hole in my soul and walled off my emotions because it deadened the pain. Yet I was always confident that God loved me and there was a purpose for my life.

I was blessed with a loving wife for 30 years and 3 great children. Then at age 50 my wife died from a severe form of lupus we never knew she had. Five years later I remarried and 7 months afterwards went through a heart breaking divorce. Each of these experiences could have broken me but they made me stronger. They brought me into contact with my being, my soul, and a butterfly emerged from the cocoon.

One morning I awoke and a veil had been removed. I realized I wasn’t my mind; I wasn’t my body. I was the consciousness, the awareness, behind these. I was a spirit and had a mind and a body. Things have never been the same! I began to meditate and practice yoga. I now have the perspective to see how I benefited from each one of my trials. They have made me the happy, loving, and fulfilled man I am today and the best is still yet to come!

If you can identify with anything I have shared with you and believe I can be of assistance please contact me. Let’s have a heart to heart talk. I am convinced you have the answers and the power in your soul just waiting to be released.

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  • Certified Yoga Instructor, 2015, Yoga Illumined (RYS 200)
  • Master Life Coach, 2013, American Union of NLP
  • Reiki Third Degree Master Teacher, 2013, Dr. Makio Usui School
  • Mondo Zen Instructor, 2012, Hollow Bones Zen Buddhist
  • Master of Arts, 1993, University of Houston
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 1978, Michigan State University
  • Master of Arts, 1973, Michigan State University
  • Bachelor of Science, 1971, Slippery Rock University