Become a Witness!

Want to totally change your life? Want to cast off playing the victim? Take control of your mind by becoming a witness of each of your thoughts and emotions. (This assumes you previously awakened and are now living in a state of present moment awareness.) Witnessing begins with the assumption that how you feel comes from some aspect of who you are. You provide the response to every outside stimulus. Your conscious or subconscious mind creates a negative feeling when you are in resistance to the stimulus. When you witness you assume responsibility for how you feel moment by moment rather than react based on buried conditioning. Witnessing consists of watching each thought and feeling as it arises from a perspective of curiosity; for example, you think to yourself “How interesting! I feel angry.” Then you choose whether or not to empower the thought or feeling. If you begin to think about it you energize the thought or feeling by attaching yourself to it. This reinforces it and means it will reappear again. Your other option is with no agenda, self-judgment, resistance or repression to “step aside” and allow the thought or feeling to pass away on its own. These thoughts and feelings will eventually fall away from disuse. Witnessing allows you to determine your attitude, happiness and perspective by selecting which thoughts and feelings you empower. It also increases your awareness which means that over time you will be able to clean out your shadow side because you can watch how you create negative thoughts and feelings. Witnessing places you in a position of power to determine how you feel and respond. You have control over your peace of mind and eradicating self-destructive thoughts and feelings. The regular practice of meditation strengthens your awareness and witnessing because you come to realize that conscious awareness and a witness is who you are.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick