Being in the Now

Where do you spend most of your waking hours?  Living in the Now means that your awareness is focused on the present moment rather than events of the past or dreams/fears of the future.  The problem is that your thoughts constantly carry you into the past or future and you spend vast amounts of energy dealing with illusions which don’t exist.  Life only happens in the Now yet it takes work to get your mind to stay focused on the present moment.  Your mind wants to rehash the past replaying how you were victimized and/or worrying about future what ifs.  Both of these cause needless suffering.  The more often you get lost in your head the more often life passes by you.  Being in the Now means you discipline your mind to pay attention to events as they unfold around you and receive the messages your emotions transmit without chasing after them.  You are pure awareness directed by your heart rather than your ego!  This is also called mindfulness.  You become so engaged in your daily tasks and interactions you loose touch with yourself and experience yourself as part of humanity.  You feel rewarded by being part of the whole.  At first this feeling of oneness can feel scary because you are vulnerable but as your attention focuses on the flow your self-consciousness evaporates.  It means feeling all the love and cruelty that exists around you without passing judgment or thinking about it.  It just is as it is and you remain unattached.  You don’t take things personally so you can’t lose self-esteem.  You are open to the universe and respond with compassion, empathy and unconditional love.  You witness the naked truth of each moment and give up your preconceived notions of how it should be.  You courageously remain open to everything instead of turning away from what makes you feel uncomfortable.  It takes effort and repetition to train your mind to stay in the Now but it is a key factor in happiness.  Ram Dass said, “To live in the here and now is to have no regrets about the past, no worries or expectations for the future.  To be fully present in each moment of existence is to live in total contentment, in peace and love. … Love is the doorway to oneness with all things, to being in harmony with the entire universe.  This return to oneness, to a simplicity of just being, of unconditional love is what we all long for.”


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick