Choose Love

Whatever you focus on you experience and its significance increases the more often you focus on it.  If your thoughts follow your ego’s lead you will dwell on thoughts of vulnerability, insecurity and the struggle to survive.  Your ego sees the world as full of threats and therefore constantly generates fears, either of the unknown or from past hurts.  Focusing on fears constricts your perception of reality and makes your mind more rigid.  Developing these attributes do not help you meet your needs for security, comfort and self-esteem.  The opposite of fear is love.  If you shift your IRP, your internal reference point, to your soul and come into contact with your true Self your focus will change.  In meditation you will feel divine love flowing into you and your perception of reality will become more elastic and expansive.  When you view the unknown through love you see a win-win situation.  Either you will get what you desire or you will have the opportunity of turning lemons into lemonade.  Past hurts are in the past and you are living in the Now honoring your divinity by being your most compassionate, tender and loving friend.  When you choose to focus on love it gradually breaks the chains of bondage to your past.  As you interact with others they will feel your love.  You will recognize how much you have changed too when you look into another person’s eyes and experience Namaste.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

1 thought on “Choose Love”

  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    It is easy to be bound to the hurts of our past experiences. These hurts are like walking through a dark tunnel where you feel insecure, unsafe, and scared but you are trapped and don’t think you will ever see the light of day again. You feel like you will never get out and experience life in the light. At these times in our lives we feel a need to stay focused on the past and the hurts and repeat them over and over in our brain. This only makes us more depressed and keeps us in the state of being frozen in time. We remain insecure and scared and find it difficult to move forward. It often takes the love of another to help us look for the light and find the love of God or our divine spirit to help us get out of the situation that is keeping us in the dark. It is hard to face reality when fear of life and events of life control our brain. Our self esteem becomes zero and life is to difficult to face on a daily basis. We need to seek the loving spirit within us to help realize that our divinity who guides us with love and compassion never leaves our side. Our divinity is with us through the deep dark shadows of life and on the mountain tops where the light of life shines upon us and heals our souls. Namaste feels our bodies and our souls.

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