You Choose Your Focus!

Happiness comes from within but some allow their resistance to external circumstances to create feelings that make them suffer.  Others are regularly tormented by worries, fears and regrets.   If you choose you can exercise the same control over your mind as you do your body.  Your option is to remain unconscious and be tormented.  These people are victims of their childhood conditioning and have never examined their beliefs, values, thoughts and emotions.  At some point in your life you need to take charge and replace what no longer serves your best interest.  Why allow your peace, contentment and happiness to be beyond your control?  Your criteria should be to retain only those beliefs, values, thoughts and emotions that are resourceful for creating the life you desire.  Beware – your mind will tell you to keep your old beliefs because they are “true” but your ego has a more powerful need to be proven right rather than serve your best interest.  Healing begins with “unlearning” old conditioning repressed in your subconscious mind.  Step one is to release unpleasant thoughts and emotions.  Don’t empower them by thinking about them.  This only reinforces them.  I surrender any thoughts and emotions not contributing to my peace and contentment to God.  Step two is to choose an affirmative, empowering thought to replace it.  Yes, you will need to repeat this – this is why it is called conditioning!  Don’t expect to be healed instantly.  How many years did it take to condition you originally?  If unpleasant thoughts return trace them to the core belief or value which is creating them and replace it.  The secret is to increase your awareness while you consistently reprogram your mind.  You will soon feel the difference.  Your mind seeks to deliver what you focus upon.  If you focus on the negative, your mind will go out and attract more or it.  If you focus on the positive your mind will go out and attract more of it.  You choose your focus!


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick