Dysfunctional Feelings and Behaviors

Dysfunctional feelings and behaviors are attempts to cope with an environment that overwhelms you. ¬†They are triggered when life delivers more input than you can handle. ¬†Frequently the coping mechanisms you fall back on are those you learned growing up. ¬†When events leave you feeling assaulted within and without you respond unconsciously. ¬†Life is hard even for those who grew up in a relatively trauma free environment. ¬†But if you were traumatized as a child or grew up in a dysfunctional family your biological thermostat failed to develop to a healthy level. ¬†It is set way too low. ¬†As a result you have adopted neurotic, addictive and obsessive/compulsive feelings and behaviors to deal with the anxiety and stress of life. ¬†In a healthy person your biological thermostat, which Bill Harris calls your threshold, keeps you from overreacting to “spilled milk” and enables you to flow with a rapidly changing society. ¬†Your problems multiply because your dysfunctional feelings and behaviors create additional growth and development problems as you attempt to establish a career and raise a family. ¬†The cure is to raise your threshold to a point where your dysfunctional feelings and behaviors are no longer triggered. ¬†When you cease feeling stress and anxiety your dysfunctional feelings and behaviors fall away from disuse. ¬†The key is meditation which increases your awareness. ¬†With each meditation your brain slowly reorganizes at a higher level. ¬†You realize that the most chaotic times provide the opportunity for the greatest amount of growth. ¬†The key is to not resist. ¬†Allow growth to occur and the dysfunctional feelings and behaviors die off from lack of use. ¬†Learn to love yourself unconditionally just the way you are. ¬†To allow yourself to continue to cope with stress and anxiety using your old dysfunctional feelings and behaviors is to set yourself up for more suffering.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick