Facing the Challenge of Codependency

Codependency is excessive emotional or psychological reliance on another.  Most people are codependent in relationships because they fear rejection or disapproval if they were to reveal their true self.  So they wear a mask and act to please those around them.  The trouble is that this never works in the long run, especially in close relationships.  It first creates resentment and then anger.

The solution is to love yourself at the deepest level of being.  This is accomplished by connecting with your soul and with God in regular meditation.  You soon experience your true worth as you feel God’s love for you flow into your heart.  It then overflows into your daily activities and becomes your source for peace and happiness.  This experience becomes the solid foundation of your self-esteem and you never again feel the need to seek the approval of another.  As your self love grows you begin to see others as yourself.  If they reject you or voice disapproval you simply allow it to be and send them your love.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

1 thought on “Facing the Challenge of Codependency”

  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    Jesus tells us to love one another as we would love ourselves and to treat others as we would want them to treat us. Sometimes we don’t realize that loving someone does not mean that we can’t love who we are, we get lost in the life of the other person and we become codependent on them. We loose sight of who we really are and the great qualities that we have each been given by God. I believe that spending time in meditation or prayer helps us to find our inner peace and discover our true gifts. When we become dependent on others for our happiness we are often rejected by them and this hurts our hearts and our souls. The ultimate knowing of our self becomes evident when we can be hurt by others and give them our unconditional love despite their behavior. Growing up I often heard adults say, “I may not always like what you do or say, but I will always love you unconditionally.”

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