Fear or Faith?

How do you view change?  With fear or faith?  As people age they often become resistant to change.  Perhaps you know individuals who are rigid and fixed in their ways.  They live in the past and are closed minded to any new ideas because it threatens their security.  Some find their security in gangs, clubs or cults by firmly adopting the organization’s rules of right and wrong.  They sacrifice their personal freedom and judgment to feel secure and be accepted.  Lastly are the people who mask resistance as a virtue.  They hold on to their past and possessions with all their energy and admire their resilience.  You can easily observe their stagnation and the smell of death surrounding them.  It is easy for fear to become a mindset and the results are tragic.


Nothing is gained from denying you are part of nature.  The universe is a flow of energy in constant change.  Life is always seeking a new form of expression.  Will you be the creative vessel for its new expression?  When you are in contact with your soul you become a channel for this flow of energy.  You become inspired and act on your passions.  You feel Divine support and a meaning to your life.  Your life is based on faith in God, your source of inspiration.  Change is your dance with the Universe and an opportunity for new growth and creativity.  You are one with God and there is nothing to fear.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

1 thought on “Fear or Faith?”

  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    “Change is your dance with the Universe and an opportunity for new growth and creativity.” What a powerful statement this is for all of us. Many of us fear change because of the unknown. Even when we know God is in charge, fear often takes over and we begin to question our decision about the change in our lives. For me change should be looked at as though it is an opportunity to grow and revitalize our energy, a chance to grow intellectually and spiritually, a chance to experience new ideas and a chance to develop more fully into the being God made us. It is not easy to always trust in an unseen God or higher power, but when we do, we allow our soul to lead us through the changes set before us. Relying on God takes away the fear and allows us to be guided by our faith in a higher power. The old saying, “When God closes a door He opens a window,” has always been a guide in my life that has had many changes. When we trust our faith the fear goes away as we know who is in charge of our journey. Let’s all dance with the Universe and celebrate joy along the path of life.

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