Finding Peace

Do you sit quietly trying to calm your mind in an effort to find peace? Most often it doesn’t work because it creates more tension, an internal struggle with your mind that you will never win. The secret is that peace already exists in your soul. Let go of your struggle with your mind and surrender it to God. God is the infinite potential, the source of everything. Cease fighting against yourself and release your thoughts, stories and fears to Source Energy. Close your eyes. Find your pulse and trace it back until you can feel your heart beating. Now end the struggle locked in your body. Relax your muscles, one group at a time, and feel the peace and quiet of your spirit. If thoughts pop up ignore them and refocus on your heart beat. Let go of trying to make anything happen. Relax in the arms of God and just be! Learn to recognize the peace found in your spirit. This is the real you. Let go of your confused ego driven mind. It is useful in pursuing your career and navigating the world but can never lead you to peace. Your mind will tell you any story that bolsters your ego whether it is true or not. A story is just a series of thoughts and peace transcends thoughts. Peace is found in the quiet and stillness of your spirit. Struggle and suffering is found in your mind. You will only capture the essence of your true being in your spirit, your inner presence. Stay rooted in your spiritual essence and your actions and feelings will change. Adyashanti said in Falling¬†Into¬†Grace, “How we act and feel depends on how awake we are, and how much we experience that silence, that peace, within.”

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick