Finding Stability

Stability is found in the peace, silence and stillness of your spirit. If you listen to your mind your ego will lead you to resist life and fight to control what is happening. It lies when it tells you that peace and happiness will come in the future as soon as you purchase this or accomplish that. But any happiness fads fast as it sets a higher bar. How many times have you been down this road? Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Resistance, control and attachment only bring struggle and suffering because you are in opposition to reality. Your mind also creates an ideal you and then leaves you in a state of perpetual confusion and judgment because you can never live up to it. Haven’t you had enough anguish and suffering? Turn away from your mind and to your heart. Out of the peace and stillness of your spirit comes a “mysterious grace.” said Adyashanti in Falling¬†Into¬†Grace. This grace from God gives you a sense of “homecoming” and provides the foundation for your stability. This grace allows you to accept life as it is and live as if you were in a constant state of meditation. It frees you to live in a state of open mindedness. You let go of resistance, control and attachments. When your mind wants to pass judgment and enter into conflict you surrender it to God. You gradually move to a higher level of consciousness free of your old mental illusions. You live in alignment with Source Energy and respond with empathy and compassion. As you get drawn deeper into grace you feel the intimacy of God’s love. You have Divine stability.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick