Give Your Brain a Rest

You generally get what you think about whether its wanted or unwanted.  The focus of your attention and what manifests in your life match.  If you focus on achieving a goal your brain figures out how to accomplish it.  If you think on your fears and what to avoid your brain works to deliver them too.  If you want me to predict your future tell me your thoughts for the last few days.

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Scientists estimate that up to 98% of each day’s thoughts are the same as yesterdays.  Perhaps it would be wise to pause and consider where you’re headed!

Meditation is a state in which the brain can be at rest and your mind finds balance, clarity and freedom.  Once your brain experiences meditation it will want more of it because it frees it from spinning out the same old programming.  In meditation your soul enlarges your perspective on life.  You discover unknown paths that if followed build new neural pathways of thinking, feeling and responding.  As this occurs the brain’s old programming falls away from disuse.  You learn to control you brain!

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Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick



1 thought on “Give Your Brain a Rest”

  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    Today people seem to have a need to be connected twenty-four hours a day via skype, texting, e mails, facebook, or tweets. It seems like finding time just to be alone is a thing of the past. We are missing out on peaceful and quiet time taking a walk along the ocean or in a beautiful woodland. We need to find time to enjoy the beauty set before us everyday, the sounds of waves hitting the beach, birds singing to us in the woods or our back yards, the fresh smell of a spring or summer rain, the crunch of snow and ice under our feet, or just watching the sun rise or set in quiet.
    Maybe we all need to set aside time daily to enjoy the the non technical world around us, to let our brains soak in the presence of the world and its quiet stillness.

    Meditation is the perfect way to let the brain rest and become still. If we could all set aside thirty minutes to meditate daily we might handle the life path differently. We might even find a new spring in our steps throughout the day.

    I am fascinated to learn that scientists estimate that 98% of each day’s thoughts are the same as yesterdays. It seems that would make life seem very mundane. As a pastor I always needed time away to renew my soul and mind and prepare for the days ahead, as you never really knew what the day might hold. Even Jesus had to draw away from the disciples and the crowds to reset his thoughts and find peace on His journey.

    Thanks Dean for reminding us how important it is to let our brain rest and re-program where we are going in life.

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