Hidden Emotions

I recently finished reading “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  His theme is that many of our ailments are caused by “trapped emotions.”  Periodically we need to cleanse our body of these toxins.  Your emotions are as real as any physical object.  They deserve the same mindfulness you would show to gravity if you were climbing a ladder.  You are a flow of energy and this flow gets constricted if you have hidden emotions.  Each emotion results in the release of neurochemicals that effect your body.  If you have hidden emotions your body will soon be signaling that something is wrong.  The most dangerous ones are those hidden in your subconscious mind.


They may have been there since the womb so you grow up just accepting the way you feel as normal, assuming that everyone else feels the same way.  However, these hidden emotions work against you sabotaging your future, attracting similar negative emotions and weakening your body where there might already be an energy imbalance.  You need to identify these hidden emotions and release this negative energy.  Dr. Nelson uses muscle testing to identify the “trapped emotions” and magnets on your governing meridian to strengthen your intention to release them.  His book instructs you how to do this yourself.  I believe you can identify hidden emotions when they bubble up from your subconscious mind during dreams.  Ask your subconscious mind if there are hidden emotions there and then keep pen and paper beside your bed.  The key is to expand your awareness and witness every emotion.  Once you have identified a hidden negative emotion ask your subconscious mind if there is more about this emotion that you should know.  Then meditate on it and release the energy to God.  Watch and see if your body does not respond by feeling better!

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

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  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    The challenges of life bring with it hidden emotions that we don’t want revealed to anyone. We keep them secretly and safely tucked away in our inner soul to protect ourselves from the judgement of others. We use the phrase “the past is the past” to hide the emotions. However, these hidden emotions stay with us and endanger the well being of our souls, bodies, spirits and minds.

    One can’t always release them as they are trapped so deep within us. When our health begins to deteriorate then the negative energy surfaces. In order to release them we need a “trusted” adviser to help us clear them from our soul.

    What better adviser than God or a Higher Power that freely takes away all our burdens and loves us despite our failings. To meditate or pray is a powerful way to eliminate the negative energy we keep hidden deep in our soul! God’s or our Higher Power’s unconditional love will take our negative energy away and replace it with positive peace and grace.

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