How to Make Your Heart Sing

Moving from an ego guided life to a soul guided life involves two steps.  First, adopt a macro, rather than micro, perspective.  You are a child of God, a spirit on a spiritual mission.  You contracted to be here and experience having a mind and a body.  Every experience you have is being directed by your soul to promote spiritual growth.  The more difficult your journey the more potential you have for rapid growth.  The sooner you move your IRP to your soul and listen to its guidance the sooner your fears will decrease and peace will come.

Second, decide to look within your soul for guidance, security, love and worth rather than the world and others.  Your soul is directly connected to God while your friends and family suffer from the same spiritual void as you.  Does it make sense to depend on them for that which they cannot provide for themselves?  You need the power of God to direct your life’s path.  God’s energy is called love.  It is the power of acceptance and healing.  When the basis of your decisions comes from this energy source you will feel your heart sing.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

2 thoughts on “How to Make Your Heart Sing”

  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    Making your heart sing is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are in the depths of despair due to a tragedy in your life path, a change of direction in life that you had not expected, or any of the things that cause us pain along the journey of life. During times like this we have a hard time seeing the macro perspective and withdraw into the more micro perspective. It is often easier to rely on family and friends for support than on God. We often have questions of God as to WHY?

    I am reminded of the poem “Footprints in the Sand’ where the single footprints are the times of life that we are carried by God through difficult events. As humans we often find it hard to think that as a child of God you would be allowed to experience such pain in life. We sometimes seek His guidance but don’t feel His presence due to our own situation, we hold onto those near us for comfort and guidance.

    I do agree that difficulties can make us stronger and help us grow spiritually, I am not sure I would agree that the more difficult the journey the more potential you have for rapid growth. As a pastor I saw people during difficult journeys take years to come to grips with the pain and that their questions of God seemed to be unanswered. Some even feel that the presence of God was not there for them.

    God’s love that feeds our souls and directs our path is always with us, but sometimes as humans we leave God and dismiss His presence, but He never leaves us. It is His ever present spirit that stays within us even when we don’t want it. This unconditional love is never ending, it is this spirit and energy in us that makes our heart sing….however, sometimes it takes time to pass through the journey.

  2. Children and folks alike need to keep and use that feeling of God they had as a children. Do not sway away from what you enjoyed. Even in tragedies or emotional pain one needs to go to that place they had joy and comfort to you as a child. See yourself hand-in-hand with God in church as you come out of a Sunday school class or talking to a friend of yours in church. Move your heart to joy as the “pain felt in those trying times” is gone. How else can one do this? Folks have to live in the present and put joy in their song, living in the eyes of a child.

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