To Live as a Conscious Being by Assigning Meanings

When I speak of being conscious I must first clarify its meaning.  I am not talking about the difference between higher and lower life forms nor between sleeping and awaking.  I use it in the sense of actively witnessing each present moment of life and choosing how to respond.  Bill Harris describes it this way in the following quote:  

“Instead of being an automatic response mechanism, responding to the world based on unconscious rules, beliefs, fears, and limitations, he is able to consciously evaluate each situation, in the moment, and instantly and instinctively know exactly what to do and how to respond in order to gain the most resourceful outcome, both for himself and for others.”

“Mainly, he watches as he plays his part and marvels at the complexity, the infinite permutations, the surprises, the certainties, and the uncertainties. He is calm most of the time, but sometimes his part requires him to be upset or to have some other emotion or reaction. That is being human. But whatever his mood, there is an underlying peace of mind, an underlying, effortless happiness.”

How many people do you know who live at this level of consciousness?  Or on the other hand, how many people do you know who live as a passive observer, responding on autopilot based upon early childhood conditioning?  They unconsciously assign a “good” or “bad” value to each person or thing they experience, attaching themselves to the “good” and resisting the “bad.”  When this eventually causes suffering they cry victimization.  All people and things exist in time and eventually pass away.  They are constantly changing and are transitory.  You create suffering for yourself when you become attached to or resist transitory people and things.  In reality everything in the universe is neutral; it is as it is.  You assign the meaning to each person and thing you encounter, whether you realize it or not, and you have the power to use this to create a life of inner peace if you are conscious enough!

When you experience people and things you assign a significance to them so why not choose to assign meanings to them from a higher perspective.  Think of them as mirrors and your teachers in soul school.  These wiser and more resourceful decisions determines how you feel, how you will respond in future encounters and your happiness and inner peace.  When you assign resourceful meanings you remove barriers so your heart can more fully express itself.  You accept responsibility regardless of the outcome and work to empower yourself.  You are fully aware of the limits to what you can accomplish yet you know your power comes from how you respond rather than what you can control.  You let go of resistance and the “good/bad” labels.  You choose to assign meanings to people and things so after your interactions with them you feel peace and happiness.  Happiness may come and go since it is a product of external experiences but you will always feel a deep sense of inner peace.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick