Living In Alignment

One of the best things you can do to assure your health, happiness and spiritual growth is to make each choice, moment by moment, inline with your soul.  Whether you are choosing which thought to follow, how to respond when angry or what to do when put on the spot, you need to immediately assess your feelings.  Gary Zukav calls your emotions the force field of your soul.  They reveal the fears and addictions you are repressing and your hurting parts.  If you have failed to confront them you inevitably project them onto others and will be triggered by them.  Personal wholeness and healing can only occur if you confront and accept all parts of yourself.  In addition to assessing your emotions, increased awareness enables you to short circuit your autopilot responses.  Your next step is to assume responsibility for your choices and the consequences they bring.  Gary Zukav recommends you answer two questions before you make a choice:  1.) “What is my motivation?” and 2.) “If I was wise and compassionate how would I handle this situation?”  You cannot make a choice and then complain when the effect comes back and bits you.  There is no difference between the cause and effect.  You choose the cause and receive the effect; they are one.  There is no playing the victim when you reap what you sowed.  As you align your personality with your soul you will discover your authentic power which will enable you to continue growing in wisdom and compassion.  With each step of increased awareness you “heal your frightened parts and cultivate your loving parts.”  Most often your relationships serve as the context for this growth.  If you feel an emotional reaction that leads you to make a self-righteous judgment, you have an issue inside of you – not with the other person!  You overcome darkness by lighting a candle, not cursing the darkness.  And it begins within you as you choose to make each choice, moment by moment, inline with your soul.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick