Living in Delusion

Delusion is the absence of awareness or mindfulness.  It is holding a belief that is self-deceptive.  Western society has promoted delusions such as: death only happens to others, marriage will lead to living happily ever after if you only find the right one, war creates men who return home romantic heroes and possessions are permanent so you can obtain peace, contentment and happiness with enough consumerism.  Most of your mind chatter isn’t yours but the triggered voice of those who created the conditioned beliefs in your subconscious when you were “socialized” and “educated” so you would contribute to the benefit of the group.  At some point in your life you need to chose how you want to experience the world: aware of what goes on inside of you or unaware remaining on autopilot.  Nothing will change until you create the intention of living a life of choice rather than delusion.  Then you must consistently look within to increase your awareness.  You do this to discover your delusions and replace the old conditioning.  Truth lies within, not without.  Begin by asking your heart: Who am I?  Is your essential nature local or non-local.  Local means “you” are the ideas of your mind and everything ends when your brain decays.  Non-local means you are a soul having a physical incarnation.  It also means you are eternal and connected to Oneness which can totally change your priorities.  Just as it “appears” the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, you don’t exist the way you thought you did – the greatest delusion!  The second most important question to ask your heart is whether your life is motivated by love or fear.  Anger, hatred, jealousy, judgment, greed, insecurity, intolerance and aggression all have fear underlying them.  Fear is the absence of love.  Your ego attempts to appease its insecurity through attachment to possessions, people and power but they never satisfy.  To change how you see others and feel about things you must first change the world within yourself.  Life is a mirror that reflects your inner state of being.  Clinging to dogmas give a false sense of security.  It causes you to believe “I know” while imprisoning your thoughts and keeping you unaware.  Your growth requires freedom from negativity.  This second question also requires you to consider how much time you spend dwelling on the past and projecting into the future.  Also consider what type of emotions accompany these thoughts.  Fear based past and future thoughts often indicate you are splintered and need internal healing.  The voice of your soul is love, first for yourself and then others.  The more love you give away the stronger it becomes.  As you continue to listen to your heart you will discover that your unique contribution is part of a much bigger picture.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick