Managing Your Life’s Map

Your mind filters a tremendous amount of incoming sense data each moment to keep you on task.  It is a never ending job to enable you to function productively.  From past experiences your mind creates an internal map that you use to make sense of what you perceive.   This map needs to evolve and grow as you face new challenges.  Some call this internal map of reality your ego or self-concept.  Its inadequacies are constantly being confronted.  The internal map of a five year old would not be sufficient for a twenty-five year old.  When your map cannot handle what you face you feel scared, overwhelmed and dysfunctional.  This temporary chaos is a sign your map is reorganizing and updating its software so it can deal with this type of situation in the future.  You create more suffering for yourself if you become defensive and resist this natural process.  You sabotage your growth and your ability to manage life.  This often occurs for two reasons.  First is the assumption you already have all the answers;  you know it all.  You can accidentally fall into this trap after you have successfully achieved some of your goals and believe you have “arrived” or intentionally adopt this attitude after being indoctrinated into a dogma where you now believe you have the Truth so you no longer need an open mind.  The second reason you resist and fight to hold yourself together is because you believe it is a personal attack.  You respond as if you are your map, your ego or your self-concept and life has you under siege.  This assumption is easy for adults to make because your map contains how you see yourself and how you relate to the world.  But these beliefs, values and strategies are not you.  Resisting change to your map leaves you handicapped.  It means you will function in the future as if you were driving through a large city with a twenty year old map.  Since you create your reality in your mind an accurate map brings with it greater awareness, a higher consciousness, peace and happiness.  You don’t see things as they are; you see things as you are!


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick