Moving Beyond Suffering

Painful emotions will continue to be felt as long as you allow your stories of suffering to live in your unconscious mind. You will live with the pain until they are released. You replay the story; you believe it; you suffer once again! The stories are head in place because your unconscious mind knows you believe they are true. You can stop the cycle of suffering by experiencing the event that created the story separate from the story associated with it. This breaks the bond that ties the story to the experience and releases the emotions. This is not to deny what happened to you was wrong, painful and unfair. This is to free you from your resistance to it – your story, your thoughts and the emotions associated with it. It doesn’t matter how justified you believe your story is. When you resist, you create your suffering. You will never find peace as long as you remain chained to your stories. It doesn’t matter what happened or why it happened. “When we argue with life, we lose every single time – and suffering wins,” Adyashanti said in Falling¬†Into¬†Grace. In the end, by relinquishing your need to explain why what happened occurred you can move beyond suffering.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick