Peace or Conflict

The fact of the matter is that everything is a non-issue until you decide otherwise, said Mike Dooley in “A Note From the Universe.”  You live each moment at a crossroad where you must choose between peace and conflict.  You feel a highly charged emotional reaction when nerves deep inside are triggered.  Something is not going the way you wanted and may be spiraling out of your control.  To make matters worse your ego is flashing feelings of fear and insecurity.  Do you respond to this emotional hook or simply feel the emotions and let them pass?  Even by mulling the feelings over you energize them and escalate their intensity.  If you react unconsciously, speaking and acting out without thinking, the chips fall where they may and further conflicts ensue.  The critical issue is whether you have enough awareness to recognize you have a choice.  You do!   It is seldom wise to react unconsciously allowing your emotions to obscure your intelligence.  In 2018 it is critical that you exercise your awareness to avoid being exploited by advertisers, politicians, the media and negative interests.  Yes, there are times when conflict cannot be avoided, for example, if you witness or experience abuse or injustice or to defend your personal boundaries or to show yourself self-respect.  But under normal circumstances it is wise to retain your power and pick your battles.

You are the creator of your reality.  You see the world the way you are – not the way others see the world.  Always accept the messages your emotions send; don’t ignore or repress them.  Then you must choose peace or conflict, moment by moment.  You can choose peace by allowing your emotions to pass by like the clouds, turn their message over to the Universe and meditate on it.  But if you choose to indulge them remember, whatever you fight, you strengthen and whatever you resist, persists.  Here are some further considerations.  What is your state of mind?  Are you relaxed or under stress?  Are you in a good mood or angry?  Have you meditated regarding this issue?  Are you receiving the necessary nutrition and sleep to maintain good health?  Is the advice of your heart consistent with your mind or are you divided internally?  Is this potential conflict consistent with your long term goals or are you sweating the small stuff?  Will this deepen your wounds or promote healing?  Will this create further suffering just for your momentary ego satisfaction?  What type of karma will you create for yourself?  What are the long term benefits from this conflict?  Why is this battle more important than your peace of mind?


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick