It’s inevitable.  It’s part of being human.  Life is a series of choices made when facing forks in the road.  Given enough time you review your past choices from a broader perspective.  Speculation occurs about the experiences that have been missed.  Difficult decisions are reconsidered with “what if” thinking.  And the fruit of this tree is the bitter fruit called regret.


If you don’t deal with regret in a positive manner it festers and can devastate your life.  Repressing it only masks the pain.  It still exists in your subconscious mind effecting your perceptions, judgments and emotions.  It lives on creating an underlying current of stress and grief that mentally and physically deteriorates your body.  Regrets must be confronted and their energy released.

First, recognize that decisions are soul lessons.  The situations and challenges you face are designed for the growth of your soul.  So accept the lessons learned and release the emotional baggage to God.  Second, remember you can only live in the now.  The past is history.  “Woulda, coulda and shoulda” thinking stymies your growth.  So apply the lessons learned to your values and goals and move on.  Third, adopt an eternal perspective.  You are here to learn unconditional love.  Are you moving in that direction?  You’re still alive so you have more work to do and decisions to make.  Promise yourself you will make the best choices you can, listening to both your heart and your mind, then let go and let God.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick