How many times a day do you find yourself in resistance to what is?  Are you even aware that your feelings of discontent are due to your resistance?  I live on South Padre Island, TX, and twice a year we have biker’s weekend where our ears are serenaded by hundreds of motorcycles.  Us “natives” go on with our regular lives which for me includes a group meditation at the yoga studio.  After one of these meditations someone commented that the noise of the motorcycles disrupted the meditation.  For you it might be another person’s behavior, a politician, another driver, an unexpected expense or an illness.  The key question to ask yourself is if your disturbance is due to the stimulus or your feeling of “wishing it weren’t so?”  If you resist what you experience you create your own discontent.  If you accept your experience to be what it is, moment by moment, the feeling of “wishing it weren’t so” quickly dissolves and you return to a relaxed state of mind.  Eckhart Tolle says that if you find yourself trapped in a reactive movement you can change it to a moment of transcendence by surrendering to what is.  This is what Jesus did when he accepted the cross and said, “Not my will, but thy will be done.”  Of course, this does not mean you should tolerate abuse, cruelty and injustice.  Nor does it mean you accept the world as it is and others’ suffering.  What it does mean is that when you have the “wishing it weren’t so” feeling you pause, feel it and then focus on any tension or contractions in your body.  Then let them go!  Life is a current carrying you down stream.  Fighting the current doesn’t change what is.  It only depletes your energy, effectiveness and enjoyment of life.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

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  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    Resistance, what an interesting blog about something we all do, resist what we don’t like. As a teacher I would often see a child resist working on a project or subject that they did not like. It would take creative teaching and acting to get the child to see how exciting the project or subject could be if they looked at it as a game or fun. I always taught third graders all the states and capitals by playing a daily game and challenge. In a matter of weeks the resistance became questions of when are we playing our state game. When we are resistant to change it causes us pain or fear of the unknown, we need to stop, step back and look at it as a challenge that we can conquer if we just put one foot in front of another.

    I loved your analogy of “Life is a current carrying you down stream.” It reminded me of how we are like salmon who in the end of life they face the resistance of the roaring water to go up stream. They have to make it through rough water, hope to not be eaten by bears who are waiting just for them for dinner, and make it to where they began life. If they are successful they will lay their eggs and life as they know it will end, but they will have left behind the next generation.

    As we resist the things in our path of life as the current is carrying us down stream we need to just let go and trust that the journey will be filled with joy, love, sorrow, obstacles, road blocks, and adventures. Sometimes we can just coast along on a floater and other times we will need to paddle our boat as hard as we can to make it through the resistance. We will grow and become unique as we are carried along the stream, just keep moving

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