Seeing the Divine in Chaos

Change feels like it is occurring at a faster pace each year.  As you age it gets tougher to adapt and keep up.  It seems as if just about the time you think you understand life and have a handle on everything, it turns into chaos.  This leaves you feeling threatened and frightened so in the future you resist change and fight to maintain your security.  It is a shame that our education system did not better prepare us to live in alignment with the natural order of the universe.  The second law of thermodynamics states that the universe is irreversibly moving toward a state of increased disorder and randomness called entropy.  Scientists have learned that randomness and chaos are a fundamental feature at the quantum level.  Left unto itself every system breaks down.  You spend a great deal of your life fighting against it effects and trying to maintain the status quo, whether it is your body, your car or your home.  But it is necessary to reconsider your perspective.  Chaos is built into the natural order of the universe.  It is the process through which things evolve and how you grow into higher levels of consciousness.  Chaos always precedes growth so it is also a good thing.  Ilya Prigogine discovered living systems, which at first appear to work against entropy by becoming more organized, actually do it by dissipating entropy to their environment.  As your environment constantly changes, your mind (Bill Harris calls it your “map of reality”) reaches its upper limit for how much entropy it can dissipate.  You feel overwhelmed, chaotic and unable to make sense of reality anymore.  When it reaches your critical point your mind reorganizes at a higher level of consciousness.  You form a new “map of reality,” feel like you have broken through and can once again make sense of the world but now from a higher perspective.  Chaos has taken you through a process of death and rebirth.  And it will happen again and again!  This is the Divine order by which the universe evolves and you are part of it.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick