There are three common ways you can give away your power: improper focusing, damaging relationships and fear.  Your mind is the most important factor in determining your health and happiness.  Unfortunately your mind likes to dwell in the past.  If you allow this to occur you are giving away your power.  Instead of focusing on the pitch and where you want to hit the ball you are thinking about the last time you were up at bat.  If you replay the mistakes of the past they will occur again.  Keep your goals and desires in the forefront of your mind until you can taste them.  You become what you focus upon so it’s extremely important to control what you think about.

Have you ever considered that many of your relationships are not in your best interest?  If you are dealing with people who have agendas then the relationships are not built on honesty.  If you are acting to please other people then you are giving away your power.  (excluding business transactions and committed loving relationships) If you don’t believe in your own opinions and value, you lack self-esteem and you are giving away your power.


Do you have enough self-confidence to listen to your heart when determining who you can trust?  If you are driven to be accepted and liked by everyone you are giving away your power.  Others can’t give you the love you need. Only you can – look within!  Your true friends will love you without the facade.  Wish the other well and move on.

For some people fear is the greatest obstacle to self-empowerment.  Fear is a means of control and you are exposed to it at an early age.  Many parents threaten to withhold their love unless their children obey.  Consider for a moment why you pay your taxes or maintain your speed on the highway.  Have you ever had your decision making power manipulated by fear based speech?  Political parties and religious groups often resort to fearmongering.  When you accept what they say without investigation you are giving away your power.  The most damaging fears are those that arise from your own mind.  They can completely remove your power and short circuit your life.  Fears are prisons of the mind which prevent you from experiencing the world from new perspectives.  You are a limitless soul capable of more than you realize if you aren’t separated from your spiritual essence.  Go within.  Meditate.  Become one with your true Self and you will become empowered.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

1 thought on “Self-Empowerment”

  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    I agree that our minds are the most important factors in determining our health and happiness. i would also add that our mind guides us on the path of life we choose. When we come to the fork in the road which way do we go? Do we take the path which will be easier or the one that leads us down the hard and rocky road? The easier path may be a repeat of a past one we have traveled.
    Since our mind prefers the past and what we know, that is the path we choose. Over the years we learn that if we focus on a desire or the path that God wants us to take, we can envision ourselves being a doctor, teacher, caregiver or artist. We see ourselves in that role and this helps our mind empower us to reach the goal.

    It would be wonderful if all our relationships were built on honesty and love. Most of us are brought up to please other people.. We can get carried away and give all our power to others by putting their needs above our own. If we are lucky enough in life to find a committed loving relationship we can share our power and know that in true love we can safely share our power because we love ourselves equally.

    Self empowerment can easily be taken away by fear. In our journey we are surrounded by things we fear. We may fear those who don’t think the same as us, politicians, bosses, strong willed friends, and bullies. When fear takes over we need to re-evaluate the situation that causes it. That may mean we change jobs, seek new friends, or change schools. The change may not be easy but it will enable us to find our power again.

    Self empowerment comes from knowing who we are and believing in ourselves. We all discover who we are by meditating, praying, or becoming one with our higher power. We learn who we are and why we are here. We make choices about the path we take. Hopefully the path will help us grown in power, love, and grace.

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