Spiritual Relationships

A spiritual relationship is one in which two people come together at a soul level allowing love and understanding to flow spontaneously.  Each person recognizes they are spirits, housed temporarily in a physical body, pursuing their own spiritual growth.  A spiritual relationship is based on the awareness of who you really are.  Each person serves as a mirror for the other and their consciousness expands as they spend time together.

A purely physical relationship is shallow by comparison.  Contraction begins when one of the two doesn’t get what they want or need from the other.  Both have agendas, selfish motives and are hiding their shadow parts.  When these become exposed blaming, judging and victimization result followed by a break down in communication.  Then the relationship contracts even more as both claim their self-fulfillment is being blocked by the other.  The solution lies at the level of your soul.


Even though we are social creatures lasting relationships is never easy.  They are a constantly changing process where love and understanding can increase or decrease by the moment.  When you relate at the soul level you see the other person as yourself and your love overflows expecting nothing in return.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

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  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    God created each of us with unique and special gifts. When we are born He expects us to use these gifts to touch the souls of those we meet along life’s path. We are to be able to look into the eyes of those we meet and to see love and compassion in them, as we want them to see the same in our eyes.

    Being social creatures we will experience many relationships throughout the various stages of life. Some will just be brief encounters but if we are blessed we will have relationships that last a life time. I call these “The Golden Relationships” sent by God. These are social relationships where you are one with the other in your heart, body, mind, and soul. You see one another with overflowing love, care and nurture. You love them and are always there for them in life’s journey. You expect nothing from them because yours is a spiritual, soul level, unconditional love! We are blessed if in life we have these kind of friends that love us unconditionally and we do the same for them.

    A spiritual relationship has many aspects and levels of love and intimacy. To truly find a spiritual relationship you first have to understand who you are spirituality and the direction your soul guides you. We must grow independently along our journey, seeking spiritual growth daily through meditation, prayer, and seeking direction from God. When we know who we are, one can seek a partner or friend that might mirror who we are and who seeks the same spiritual guidance, Over time you become one by sharing love, understanding, respect and various levels of intimacy in life.

    These are the people who marry and celebrate 25, 30. 50, 60 years of life together. They mirror one another in their spirits and souls. They have shared life on many levels. They have physical intimacy, raise families, share love and sorrow, hold hands and walk life together as one.

    We would all be blessed to find that incredible spiritual relationship in life where two shall become one in heart, spirit and soul.

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