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Have you ever gone through a crisis?  In panic you draw back into a contracted state of awareness.  You feel anxious, fearful and confused.  The problem is that you will only find a solution within an expanded state of awareness.  Solutions emerge spontaneously when you are connected with your soul.  Life is difficult, one challenge after another.  And the best indicator of your level of consciousness is how you deal with them.  Welcome to “soul school,” a river of constant change where every occurrence has an inner purpose.  How you handle this crisis makes all the difference toward your spiritual growth.


The solution doesn’t lie on the level of the problem where you are struggling with it.  You must look beyond the problem for its solution where you gain clarity through a wider perspective.  As you expand your awareness you can begin to receive the creative ideas emerging from your soul.  Deepak Chopra said, “Every challenge is a creative opportunity.”  You step back from the problem and increase your objectivity.  From this wider perspective look at how you are responding.  Are you feeling personally attacked because your core beliefs have been questioned?  Your assumptions?  Your expectations?  Then focus on your feelings.  Identify them and own them. Receive their messages and then release their energy.  Go into meditation and lift up your crisis to God.  Listen to your soul as God speaks to you.  Your soul is pure awareness, a cell in the body of God, and the source for your solutions.  So stop struggling and grasping.  Let go and let God.  Spiritual solutions begin with your wholeness.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

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  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    No one can take this journey we call life without experiencing crisis. We all have different means within us to handle crisis situations. Some people are always calm, others immediately go into panic mode, while some become fearful or anxious. Crisis may cause people to be so confused that they bury their head in the sand. I am a firm believer that how we face a crisis is determined by our own level of consciousness.

    When a person is in crisis I believe it is harder to look at the big picture of the situation. Crisis can put you into a state of frozen consciousness where you can’t move out of the situation because of fear.

    We all know people who have suffered great loss and we watch how they handle it. Those who find the best way to deal with crisis often set up trusts or foundation in memory of a lost love one as a way to give back to others. This is a conscious level of helping them move forward with a purpose that is driven by their soul, heart, and mind. This path helps in healing the sorrow of the effects of the crisis on them,

    These are the people who follow Deepak Chopra’s quote, “Every challenge is a creative opportunity.” Even though they may want to run away they stay and make lemonade out of the lemons they have been given.

    When in crisis we need to rely on our God or a Higher Power to help our soul seek peace and to find the inner purpose of the crisis on our life. Each crisis we face teaches us a lesson while on earth, and we grow spirituality as our level of consciousness expands around us.

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