Spirituality v. Religion

What is the difference between being religious and being spiritual?  Spirituality is the out-flowing of your soul in oneness with the consciousness of God.  Religion is the acceptance through faith of dogma you impose on your soul.  You give up a degree of freedom to obey the rules and in return you receive security and love from other believers.  One can be spiritual without being religious.  Or one can be religious without being spiritual.  One can blindly attend services, keep rules and perform rituals without knowing God.  Just don’t assume you are spiritual because you are religious.  God is being itself and permeates everything like a force field.  Your God is far too small if you think of Him as “the man upstairs.”  Spirituality seeks unity with the universal consciousness of God by going within your soul.


Religion gives you rules to follow to find God and to receive His grace.  No matter what name you apply to God He is the universal consciousness of which you are apart and He resides in your heart.  Seek Him and you will find Him!  You came from Him, are attached to Him and will return to Him.  In prayer you speak to Him from your heart.  In meditation you quiet your mind and listen as He speaks to you.  There are different degrees of consciousness and the longer you meditate the more you will experience the higher levels.  Also there is formal meditation where you sit with your eyes closed and there is informal meditation where you watch the ocean waves strike the beach or gaze at the night sky.  You are a conscious being that temporarily is housed in a body with a mind.  Are you in communion with the source of your being?  As you continue to meditate you will soar with the eagles and reach new heights in communion with God.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

1 thought on “Spirituality v. Religion”

  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    Spirituality for me is being completely connected to God with my whole being. My soul being one with God.

    Religion according to Webster Dictionary is:
    “Devotion to a religious faith”
    “An organized system of faith and worship”
    “A personal set of religious beliefs and practices”

    Religions according to Webster Dictionary is:
    “Of or relating to religious beliefs or observances.”

    For me, spirituality keeps us completely at one with God. Religion keeps us connected to a body of people who worship God using the same set of values and principles that we share as one group.

    With spirituality one is always connected to God. He is in our being, our mind, heart, soul, and spirit. We are in Him and He is in us. He is our magnetic force field that guides us along the path of life. He is there when we feel joy, sadness, hardship and love. He experiences what we feel and helps us make the right choices to deal with each part of our journey here on earth. We may leave Him at points in life, but He never leaves us. We are ONE with HIM throughout life and in death.

    Religion gives us a set of rules set forth in the Bible, by the denomination or the head of an organization. By following the rules you have fellowship with others who believe like you. You grow in the knowledge of your God by study within the fellowship of believers. The hope of religious study is that you will find spirituality and union with God in our conscious being and soul. We all long to have this intimate connection with God.

    We are all unique and different, as God chose who we shall be! We all have different needs and different ways to communicate with our Creator God. Some of us pray, study His Word, partake of His Sacraments, meditate, worship in His House and fellowship with other believers.

    Our goal as people of God is to seek Him daily and grow spirituality. We become one with God through spirituality. We use religion only as a tool to help us grow and connect with Him. Religion should send us outside the doors of the church to serve Him.

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