Take Action!

The software of your soul consists of three parts moving in a continuous cycle: memory, desire and action.  Memories generate desires which generate actions which leaves memories and the cycle repeats.  When you consider acting on your desires make sure you are fully conscious in the present moment, not the past or the future.  Consider the consequences of your actions.  If your heart feels comforted plunge ahead.  If your heart is in doubt, lift the issue up to God and go into meditation until you receive guidance.

Some people confuse spirituality with passivity.  Allowing yourself to be used as a door mat or speed bump is low self-esteem, not spirituality.  Others hide their irresponsibility under a cloak of spirituality.  As sheep they wait passively for someone who will look out for their welfare.  They are quick to latch on to cult leaders or saviors on horseback only to end up loosing their freedoms and drinking the poison Kool-Aid.  The truth is that as you grow spiritually you become empowered.  You soar on wings like eagles. (Isa. 40:31)  You assume responsibility for your life and act to relieve the suffering of others.  You speak and act with conviction and others feel your presence.  The universe is a flow of energy.  If you desire something you have to put yourself in motion, flow with the universe and act on your desire.  Just sitting at home and desiring something won’t cut it as the following story illustrates.

Joe was one of millions of Americans recently laid off during the recession.  Being a man of great faith he began to fervently pray that he would win the lottery.  Each night from his heart he asked God to give him the jack pot prize in one of the weekly drawings.  After six months of intense prayer he called out in desperation, “Why God won’t you answer my prayers?”  God answered back, “Come on Joe.  Meet me half way.  Buy a ticket!”  The universe rewards action.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

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  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    We have all been make by our creator to have a wonderful flow of ever moving energy. Our spirit keeps us moving throughout our lives with this field of energy, sometimes we move forward, sideways,and backwards. We might feel that our movement is like slow motion when we struggle with something in our path, other times our energy seems to move with lightening speed as we enjoy the journey along the path and there seems to be few obstacles in our way. The cycle of life moves us forward daily in a continuous cycle of memory, desire, and action. I believe we often find memories of the past hard to leave behind, but our desires and actions help us to continue along the way. Meditation and God will help us use our heart and brain to make the right decisions along the path of life.

    Some people take the passiveness of Jesus to mean that we should turn the other cheek when hit, as Jesus told us to do. We forget that He became angry with the money changers outside the church and turned all the tables upside down and was very upset. This was a lesson to us that we should not be passive about things that are wrong. We need to look out for ourselves and others who might be taken advantage because they are to passive.

    Being spiritual means that you are empowered to seek guidance from God and to listen to His voice when you meditate. When God is important in your life you will soar on wings like eagles. (Isa. 40:31), and when you soar you are taking on respsonsibility for yourself. Once you can take good care of yourself you will be called to help others around you who may be suffering or struggling along life’s journey. You will be called to walk beside them and encourage them to keep moving, not to make the movement for them. You will be the one to encourage them along the way.

    I liked your illustration of Joe who wanted to win the lottery but didn’t do the one thing necessary to have a chance to win. BUY THE TICKET! I would tell people I worked with who need advice about moving forward or changing a job that God opens the door you are behind but in order to reach the next door He wants you to go through you must let go of the door handle you are holding.
    You are right, the universe rewards action and God expects action from all of us.

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