Dean McCormick has dedicated himself fully to deepening spiritual awareness in himself and all beings. It is a sincere and great pleasure to count him as a student of Yoga and am delighted that he continues to light this path up for others. Dean will help you clear your mind, rest and relax the body and awaken the natural healer within your Self. He stops at nothing and helps you question any and all perceived limitations. He is a passionate guide and will stop at nothing to help you ignite your limitless potential as a human being.

– Katrina


lavida  “Dean there is a reason why when I look into your eyes I feel truth.  You are an intelligent and forgiving spirit that bestows gentle yet sturdy wisdom.  Your tender heart along with your life experiences creates a balance of harmony and discipline.  When you smile one can see compassion, when you laugh one can hear genuineness, and when you reach out one can feel serenity. Bless you Dean for your guidance and thoughtfulness” Aloha.

– LaVida


  Thank you Dean for allowing me to experience your sessions! I am always inspired by your keen insight and guidance. Not only is your sharing of personal experiences helpful in my own path, but you’ve given me the key elements to focus my energy inward, allowing me to nurture my talents and light. By helping me to center this joy, you’ve empowered me to make positive changes in my life.

I appreciate the encouragement that you have bestowed on me.

– Terra


  “Dean’s wisdom gently escorts you on a journey of self awareness, while no judgement is extended. Dean is open, and easy to speak with”.

– Tory


 I really appreciate your help with my little dilemma.  I found you knowledgable and easy to talk to. I was great to have someone to bounce my thoughts off of!  Thanks!

– Charles


“I have attended Dr. Dean R. McCormick’s session of Instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation and found it to be exceptionally well presented. Dr. McCormick is very well learned in the process and its health benefits”.

– Connie Andehko 

Waupacca, WI


“To anyone wanting to explore the mysteries of meditation:

Dr. Dean McCormick’s class, Instruction to Meditation, is a 90 minute experience in unpacking the greatest gift you could ever give yourself…really.  “I’ve tried it all and it’s just not for me” is the most common reply when people are asked to consider going to this presentation. But why? Why isn’t it for you? The mind is a drunk monkey, stung by a scorpion and possessed by demons. So how are you going to control such craziness? Has anyone? You can, and Dr. Dean can help you find your way to “collar” your monkey.  The why, when, where, and how of meditation are very carefully covered with adequate time for individual questions to be answered. It’s 90 minutes…less than most movies. So, unpack something that’s been an open secret for 3500 years. Opportunity is knocking.  Thank you Dr. Dean for your wisdom”.

– Jim Lestor

Chanhassen, MN


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