The Key to Spiritual Growth

Ram Dass said, “The art of spiritual growth has to do with how quickly you recognize attachments and how quickly you can release them.”  Before you can quickly release attachments you must first recognize them and for this you need increased awareness which comes through meditation.   During meditation you draw closer to your soul and the Source of your being.  You set in motion the process of becoming a witness that increases your awareness.  Your soul doesn’t have the need to attach to people and things in the hope of finding security as your ego does.  Attachments only provide a temporary sense of security and create suffering.  The stronger you identify with your soul the more secure you feel free of attachments.  In your role as a witness you see the melodrama you were recently living when you identified with your ego.  Your ego’s self-identity, which you assumed was the real you, was only a collection of changing thoughts formed from the feedback of others.  In meditation you feel a deeper level of connectivity, a sense of oneness with Universal Consciousness that gives you a sense of freedom.  Finally, you feel at peace when you identify with your soul.  Your soul has peace because it accepts the present moment as it is, free of resistance, control and attachments.  Peace doesn’t first appear after you have become enlightened.  It is a signal you are on the path to enlightenment.  It is the fruit of your inner work where you cultivate your role as a witness, identify with your soul and release attachments.  The lack of peace in your life is a warning you are identifying with your ego where you suffer due to resistance, control and attachments.  As you more frequently meditate the brighter is your light of awareness and the deeper you’re drawn into Oneness.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick