The Meaning of Life

Once you pass the survival mode of existence the why question enters your mind.  What is the meaning of my life?  What is the purpose for my existence?  Forget looking for the answer out there.  A note isn’t going to drop out of the sky into your lap with the answer.  If one existed you would have been told years ago.  You are alone in the jungle and must make your own way out.  No one is coming to rescue you.  You must create your own meaning for your life by looking within.  What type of work makes your heart sing?  What type of relationships do you love?  Only answers from within can fill the hole in your soul and give your life meaning.  No one else nor any possession will ever be able to do that, regardless of how they cause your hormones to dance.  Also, the answer is found in the present moment, not in the future after you achieve one of your life’s goals.  Eckhart Tolle says the process is to align your life with the present moment and discover what fulfills you.  It is wonderful to have and work toward long term goals but joy, love and meaning comes from being in the “Now.”  Your outer purpose is what you want to achieve in your remaining years in service to mankind, but this is of secondary importance.  Success in society’s eyes may pay the bills and inflate your ego but will not satisfy the emptiness within you because it is here today and gone tomorrow.  Furthermore, your present state of consciousness determines what you manifest in the future.  It is in determining your inner purpose that you discover the eternal meaning of your life.  Focus on your heart beat, not your thoughts.  Give your mind the task of feeling the pulse of your heart.  Can you sense your awareness to your heart beat?  to passing thoughts?  to emotions rising and falling away?  to your own presence in the present moment?  When you regularly practice this you connect with your soul and liberate yourself from the erroneous assumptions of your mind.  Albert Einstein said, “A human being is a part of the whole, called by us Universe, a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.  The striving to free oneself from this delusion is the one issue of true religion.  Not to nourish it but to try to overcome it is the way to reach the attainable measure of peace of mind.”  As you free yourself from your ego,  your thoughts and actions will be guided and empowered by your awakened consciousness.  Your finite consciousness gradually merges with universal consciousness.  Eckhart Tolle says that the flowering of universal consciousness in alignment with the present moment is the purpose of your life.  You are God’s means for achieving this but it is something your must discover and desire for yourself.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick