Spiritual Growth

The heart of spiritual growth is to learn about yourself by focusing on your intentions, thoughts and emotions.  The body and mind provides your soul with experiences from which it can learn.  An intention is your reason for doing what you do, a cause but always with an effect.  Unconscious intentions are dangerous because they have hidden agendas and you cannot change that of which you are unaware.  For reasons of security or acceptance you end up playing a role which eventually imprisons you.  It may have felt harmless the first time you tried it but gradually it took a toll.  Now you play it unconsciously.  An example is someone who repeatedly erupts in anger but has never confronted his hidden fear of being defective or unlovable.  You can either choose to play a role out of love or out of fear.  If you choose a role to avoid confronting feelings or responsibilities you will eventually suffer.  Another key to learning about yourself is to focus upon your thoughts and emotions.  Your emotional reactions identify what triggers you.  Your repressed fears block access to your heart and hinder alignment with your soul.  You can either confront and heal your frightened parts or spend the rest of your life attempting to control the world so you feel safe and secure.  Remember, the more you ignore or repress your fears the more defensive you become and the less able you are to see events clearly.  But when you muster the courage to repeatedly confront and challenge your fears they lose their power over you.  When you practice living in the present moment you choose your intentions consciously and compassionately.   Compassion means you can identify when others are controlled by their frightened parts and still respond with love.  You withhold resistance, control and attachment to outcomes.  The process of spiritual growth leads to a more authentic, loving, compassionate, creative and powerful you who is able to give the world the gifts you were born to give.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick