To Be Here Now

What does it mean to be here now?  What is the practice of living in the present moment?  The change occurs when your heart-mind takes command while you thinking-mind gradually becomes insignificant.  This takes increased awareness and for some people, years of spiritual practice.  The practice consists of observing how your thoughts carry you into the past or project you into the future and refusing to energize them.  Regardless of your karmic situation you want to become more unified with your heart, the seat of your soul.  As you turn more control over to your heart you increasingly merge into harmony with the Source of your being.  You experience this as an increase of love, peace, contentment and oneness with the universe.  Davidji teaches his students to use pattern interrupts throughout the day to rapidly develop being here now.  He says that within 16 seconds you can experience tranquility and a quieting of the mind.  This is the same goal yoga has – to be unified with Universal Consciousness – except yoga uses asanas and breathing to get you to turn inward and leave your ego behind.  Davidji said. “If you can be in the present moment without self-inflicting suffering upon yourself then grace begins to flow through you and the power of your ripple takes on new meaning.”  As you continue to focus on your heart-mind you witness the collapse of your resistance, control and attachments to things, the causes of your suffering.  You return as a witness, watching the play of life.  Your awareness gets sharper each day so it becomes easier to determine which thoughts and emotions to energize.  Whenever your ego plays its crisis routine trying to regain control, you refocus on your heart beat and return to oneness with your soul.  Your spiritual practice is to be here now, moment by moment, residing in peace, quietness, love and oneness.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean R McCormick