To My Soulmate

From the beginning I knew there was something special about Howie; he was much more than a Welsh Cardigan Corgi.  You recognize a soulmate intuitively.  Throughout your life you will have several soulmates.  They are part of your soul group that travels with you.  Howie is my soulmate; he gives unconditional love.  I learned that when I love myself unconditionally I feel worthy of his love and it overflows to others.  He is now expanding his instruction in my family and friend relationships.  Howie’s psychic awareness is amazing.  It is almost as if he could read my mind.  Even though my wife had been deceased for nine years I can now see her handiwork in bringing Howie into my life in 2009.  Like her, Howie keeps his priorities simple.  Everyday we must exercise, play and cuddle.  I read my email; Howie reads his p-mail.  Each walk is a new exploration of nature.  Anytime is a good time to go for a ride in the car or to jump the waves on the beach.  Howie is a “man of few words” but his body language communicates a lot.  I always smile when I see his tail wagging at the sound of my voice.  I hear his collar tags rattling yards before I get to the front door.  When I become too preoccupied I feel the bump of a cold nose against my arm, hand or leg.  It is time for a pet!  Howie directly communicates his needs.  When I lay down to sleep Howie lies against my left side with his head on my shoulder.  My left arm wraps around to hug him and with my right hand I scratch his head and behind his ears.  I hear a low “emmm!” and soon he is asleep.  However, if something goes wrong in the middle of the night I am awakened by the tickle of whiskers against my cheek and the licking of my nose.  Howie is always alert to things out of the ordinary.  If there are strange noises, something is wrong or he just needs an emergency potty run he comes to me and goes “emm, emm, emm, emm” in a toccata tempo.  Howie is a good judge of character.  If we approach strangers and they are scared of dogs he will leave them alone and walk on by.  If they love dogs he rushes over to them for pets.  If they don’t like dogs he will sniff them and back away.  I have found that if they don’t like Howie they won’t like me either.  Howie keeps me in line.  On a couple occasions when I have broken protocol, Howie has firmly chewed my butt in dog language for a good two minutes.  Howie knows our routine.  When it is meditation time I find him lying by my seat before I arrive.  When it is time for his afternoon walk he lays down by the front door whether I am there or not.  Howie knows laughter is good for my soul.  Periodically he brings his rope, football or ball over and shakes it in my face.  It’s time to play tug of war or catch.  After catching the ball he always runs it back past me to score the touchdown.  This is followed by another shaking of the ball in my face to announce his accomplishment.  Howie has dignity, high self-esteem and self respect.  A couple of years ago we had college students sleeping in their parked cars in the street with their feet hanging out the windows.  Each morning on our walk Howie would go up to each car window and bark until the feet were pulled in.  Maintaining appropriate public conduct is important to him.  Howie guards his herd and keeps it together.  His head rises, ears point up and tail goes erect if something isn’t kosher.  When friends come over Howie takes a chair to partake in the discussion. Howie spreads light and love wherever he goes.  When out in public people always make a fuss over him.  He collects his pets then prances away stepping a little bit lighter.  He is especially fond of little children and how they giggle when he licks them.  Howie is a lady’s man.  South Padre Island is one of America’s spring vacation hot spots for college students.  A couple years ago while out walking, Howie and I encountered two couples headed toward the beach.  The young women made a big fuss over Howie and asked me several questions about him.  As we were about to depart I heard the one young man say to the other, “Wow, what a gig!  I’ve got to get me one of those dogs!”  I walked away laughing inside and realizing he was unaware of the deep spiritual relationship I have with Howie.  Howie is an angel in disguise and my wolf totem spiritual advisor.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

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  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    You are so blessed to have Howie as your wolf totem spiritual advisor. Pets have such a wonderful connection to their owners when they share love, joy, and daily times for play, exercise, and times to cuddle and share laughter. Pets know what is important and what they need to be happy and how to get it from their owners. In return they give back two hundred fold to protect, love, and guard their owners. They sense our sadness, our joy, our happiness, our illness, and our love. They know when they have done something wrong and they are sorry for it. Pets bring happiness and routine into our lives.

    We should learn from our pets about self esteem, dignity,self respect, and unconditional love. Pets know more about we humans than we know about them, their souls and spirits can feel our energy and our souls. Like Howie our pets spread joy wherever they go.

    A friend of mine who worked for Hospice in Arizona told my class one year that in one of the Hospice facilities where patients come on the journey for the end of life care they have a bunny rabbit that senses when the patient is going to die and he hops up on the beds and cuddles up to the patient and stays with them giving comfort to them in the end of life here on earth. That bunny rabbit is a wonderful soulmate to those in need. I hope when I am ready to go a pet like this will be there to comfort me as I move forward to another place.

    Wonderful article on Soulmates Dr. McCormick, keep writing the great blogs that make us think.

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