What is Your Storyline?

Most people define themselves by the roles they play and by the thoughts they have when in these roles.  They exist as a body and a mind playing a never ending series of roles, day in, day out.  They determine the value of their lives by their achievements, attainments and possessions.  Are you one of them?  Look inside.  Are you in there?  I’m talking about the “you” that is aware of your thinking.  If all your roles were taken away who would you be?  What condition would you be in?  Would you be at peace or are you so attached to your achievements, attainments and possessions you would feel worthless?  With all your “getting” did you get contentment or do you still feel something is missing?  Are you tired of listening to your mind tell you that fulfillment and happiness is in the future if you would just accomplish one more thing?  Your life up to now is a result of your thoughts.  Your mind is a useful tool but too often is in conflict with your heart.  When this occurs which one do you listen to?  If you follow your heart you will give meaning and an eternal perspective to all the roles you play.  You will also discover peace, contentment and the love from God.  Go into meditation and get to know your soul.  You are waiting in there wanting to be discovered, loved and listened to!

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

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  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    The journey of life is a long and winding path with many junctions along the way. Each junction gives us a different perspective of the life we are leading. I like to call these junctions a “Changing of Hats” we wear along the path. Sometimes we leave the hats at one junction and pick up another one, as we like the new one better. The new hat may fit our personality better and we step lighter along the way. Sometimes we keep all the hats along the way and this can cause us to be weighted down a bit, it is a personal decision we must make on our own.

    We begin the journey as a precious child of God sent here to discover new and exciting things. We are someones “beautiful baby,” this is our first role in life. We are dependent on those around us as we slowly develop into an active being, At this junction we become “a child” who wants more independence to discover what is along the path. We learn how to get what we want because we now can understand and think and talk, our brain begins to tell us what feels good and what does not. Our next hat is “adolescent”, a scary time for many of us as we want more independence and say so about the path we take. Our hormones are racing and our judgement is not always the best, we want to be liked so we make lots of mistakes.Friends become more important than family and we often clash with our adults, as suddenly we know more than our parents.

    “College student” follows the adolescent stage. Now we really are independent, we feel we are free to experience that freedom in any way we want. We study what interests us, we live as we want, we see life as independent adults. We are seeking the achievements that will help us live our lives in the manner that we think is important. Our hats are now determined by our achievements, our attainments and our possessions. We want people to know we have arrived in the world and we are doing well. These achievements help us know who we are.

    The journey continues through a life of love and marriage, sickness and health, job promotions and changes, new homes and old homes, new friends and old friends, new possessions and discarded possessions, and we become mature and then old….all in the blink of an eye. Along the path we search for meaning in life to help us define who we are. If we take time along the journey to spend with a higher power, God for some of us, and if we take time to let our brain and spirit seek guidance from this power we can keep in touch with our inner being and be at peace with the life we have lived.

    We discover who we are in our soul and spirit, we let our heart and brain guide us. We learn we are so much more than our achievement and the many roles we have enjoyed along the path. We learn how unique and special we are in this beautiful place we call home for a short time. I hope we all take time to discover the wonderful person that was created by our God.

    Enjoy each hat of life you wear but don’t let them define who you are.

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