Where Is Your IRP?

How would you answer me if I asked you, “Who are you?”  Would you tell me your job title, family relationships, education, nationality and possibly even your social economic status?  If you believe this self image is who you actually are then your IRP, internal reference point, is your ego, the source of the self image.  Along with this belief comes many problems.  The ego thrives on duality, me verses the world, and responds based on fear and insecurity.  It seeks power to control, strives for others’ approval and becomes attached to people and things in which it has invested itself.  It is constantly changing and always telling you to look to the future for happiness and fulfillment in the next relationship or possession.  Yes, you need your ego to function is this world and provide for yourself and your family but it doesn’t have to be your IRP.


If you are meditating regularly you will find your IRP shifting from your ego to your soul.  You realize that you are spirit who possesses a body and mind for the time being and who needs to look after them and control them.  You discover that your witness over your body and mind grows stronger everyday and with it comes finer degrees of control over your thoughts, feelings and visualizations.  This is true “Self Power” based on divine support.  You realize you are one with nature and the universe, a cell in the body of God.  You are immune to criticism, don’t need others’ approval and unafraid of challenges.  You accept each day as it is and act passionately to achieve your desires but leave the results in God’s hands, remaining unattached.  Your self love grows until it overflows bonding others to you.  This is living in Soul Consciousness.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

2 thoughts on “Where Is Your IRP?”

  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    I am a spirit sent here to make a journey along the path of life, I have always felt guided by Spirit Guides who have lead me through many events in my life. Some events were filled with joy, others with sadness, and some with choices to make. Sometimes I felt like the journey was long and hard but I keep going, other times the journey was filled with such joy and happiness I never wanted to stop. Always I have felt the presence of a Spirit Guide who walked beside me, in front of me, and behind me, I was never alone. Along life’s path God has placed people into my life that would teach me, challenge me, mentor me, hurt me, love me,and leave me to return to the presence of God. Life has been good and I can’t wait for the adventures of each new day.

  2. George says:

    I am not acquainted so much with the Terminology of an IRP; however, I am more familiar with my personal GPS or God Positioning System, which is located within our sacred heart center, and it is always plugged-in and on-line; constantly updating and signaling our present position to each of us, in reference to our ever changing and evolving relationship with god or source energy. Of course. unlike everyone else, i have a tendency to un-plug and work off-line. which leads me to engage in dis-harmonious activities that result in, less than wholesome outcomes.
    As for the ego; I find that the human-egoistic mechanism has a dynamic that is very similar to the gravitational-pull of the planet earth. And just as it takes a great amount of energy and fuel to propel a human being beyond the gravitational field of the planet earth and into the lightness of being that permeates outer-space; in a very similar fashion, it takes an enormous amount of energy and fuel to liberate a human being from the gravitational pull of ego attachments. However, when one is liberated from the heaviness and density of the ego’s gravitational field, he or she enters into an earthly spaciousness, or, lightness of being. We often refer to this state of being as,”living in god’s grace.” gh.

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