Your Creativity

Nothing “out there” can be experienced except in your consciousness.  So if you want a different “out there” you must first change your “in here.”  Creativity is a fundamental part of your being but it will really open up when you let go of your ego and identify with your soul.  In meditation you tap into an infinite potential of creativity.


You intuitively sense new ideas and have “ah ha” moments.  Solutions to problems spontaneously emerge as your awareness expands.  Each day pure awareness sends creative impulses to you.  The only question is whether or not you are open to receive them.  The limiting factor is contracted awareness.  Pure awareness has no boundaries.  When you live in pure awareness you live in pure creativity as ideas and solutions arise from your soul.  Your mind and body are energized with new possibilities for creating the “out there” you desire.

Life Coach – Dr. Dean R. McCormick

1 thought on “Your Creativity”

  1. Rev. Carol Wood says:

    I have always believed that we are all born with certain creative gifts, they are part of the soul that God has given us before sending us to earth. Our parents gifts are often passed down to us. Our love of music, art, theater, sewing, farming, math, building, public speaking, teaching or any occupation becomes meaningful when our soul desires to create something out of nothing. When we see young musicians play incredible pieces of music, you can see and feel the joy coming from their soul.

    Meditation allows us to release ourselves to pure awareness of the creativity within our souls. Once we connect we are filled with new ideas and ways to express them. Musicians create that “ah ha” score or song, artists create that beautiful sunset on canvas, actors create characters that are believable, and seamstress’ create gorgeous pieces of quilts or clothing. When we are at peace with our being, our soul is able to release our creative juices and all the world is blessed to enjoy the final product.

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