Your Two Core Emotions

All your emotions are variations of two: love and fear.  Love based emotions give you the experience of openness, relaxation and lightness while fear based emotions create tightness, isolation and disconnect.  Love based emotions empower you and build your confidence while fear based emotions weaken you and increase your stress.  The longer you live the greater the cumulative effect on your life.  The law of attraction applies and you attract more energy of the same vibration.  Karma applies and you reap what you sow.  The emotions you feed grow strong enough to dominate your life.  Every time you trail after or follow an emotion you feed it energy.  You reject a part of yourself when you judge an emotion as wrong and repress it.  It only moves to your subconscious mind where it will continue to be felt when triggered.  You may also exhibit various psychological disorders.  All your emotions are energy and need to be heard and released.  Your first critical step is to develop awareness of their presence.  Are you able to identify the emotions behind your reactions and the voice in your head?  Your purpose attending soul school is to increase your awareness and consciousness.  When this occurs your body and mind become more unified with your soul.  Your emotions are messages indicating the changes you need to make in your life.  Are you deviating away from your soul or drawing closer?  Your second critical step is to become the “witness” of your emotions.  After you identify the thought or event that triggers a certain emotion follow it, feel its pain and then release its energy.  These two steps give you power over your emotional state.  You cannot control the thoughts that pop into your mind but you can decide if you want to reinforce an emotion by investing your energy into it and following it.  This practice is vital to living a love based life rather than a fear based life.


Life Coach – Dr. Dean McCormick